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Surgical Division > Composite Structural Strengthening


Structural strengthening systems include Glass Fibre Reinforced Fabric (GFRF), Carbon Fibre Reinforced Fabric (CFRF) and Carbon Fibre Plates (CFP) are best used for

  • Flexural capacity of beams & slabs
  • Column capacity/ductility
  • Shear strength
  • Stiffness
  • URM strengthening

Using Structural strengthening systems and connement techniques the capacity of the structure can be enhanced without increase in the sections of the components.


At Varthitha we can Design and execute Structural Strengthening systems with out trained manpower and Design Team.


Properties of Composites


Type of Composite Tensile Str. (Mpa) Mod. of Elasticity Mpa Thickness mm
Elong. At break (%)
Glass Fiber Fabri 2250 70000 0.17 3.10
Carbon Fibre Fabric 3500 23000 0.13 1.50
Carbon Laminates >2800 210000 1.20 >1.7


Steel Composites
  • Low Material Cost
  • High Installed Cost
  • Corrosive
  • Heavy
  • Fabrication required
  • High Maintenance
  • High Material Cost
  • Low Installed Cost
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Light weight
  • No fabrication required
  • Low Maintenance


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    Composite Structural Strengthening
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    Implosion of Structures
    Demolition of Structures
    Soil Nailing, Rock/Soil Stabilisation
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